Quick Fix Plus 6.1 – Is It The Best Synthetic Urine In 2015?

Finding the best synthetic urine (one that works) can be a royal pain in the ass. It’s sold all over the place, even at gas stations.

Well, we put together this article in an effort to explain why it’s actually quite easy to choose a fake pee product that works.

Despite the varying opinions you may have read, there is only one fake urine kit we trust:

Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is your most reliable option to pass a urine test. Also, it’s sold for around $30 USD (a fair price if you consider what you stand to lose).

Before You Buy Quick Fix

Don’t buy Quick Fix from the first online store you find. Many users have received counterfeits products over the past couple of years.

Let us repeat: You must avoid purchasing a COUNTERFEIT synthetic urine kit.

There are a ton of companies selling it online, and only a couple of sites actually sell the real stuff.

If you’re unsure, we strongly recommend grabbing your Quick Fix Plus 6.1 from QuickFixSynthetic.com.

They also offer a coupon code that saves $3 on your order – enter PASSTHAT).

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

image of synthetic urine 1Many people are concerned whether fake pee will actually work for them. The truth is that it has become a cat and mouse game with the laboratories. Obviously, they do not want to see it work.

Back in 2010, they were able to identify the urine and thus made the product ineffective. But, the producers of synthetic urine responded and created a formula that beat the new standards.

As mentioned above, Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is currently our highest rated synthetic pee option. It does what it’s supposed to do when it comes to the urine test.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review

Okay, you’re probably why we’re calling QuickFix (version 6.1) the best fake urine option for 2015. As mentioned, the company spends a lot of money investing in their product. They are always one step ahead of the labs and competition.

Specifically, their artificial urine has the same characteristics as real urine:

  • Balanced pH levels that match real urine
  • Properly calibrated creatine levels
  • Uric acid (labs recently started testing for the presence of this)
  • Toxin/chemical free (kind of a given for “clean” urine)
  • Uses the correct urine color (it mirrors that of a properly hydrated person)

Will Other Brands Work?

We trust the Quick Fix synthetic urine formula because it contains uric acid, which is an essential ingredient for today’s urine test. We’re not sure why you’d want to explore any other options, but there are other fake piss kits that work.

Our research shows that U Pass synthetic pee has proven successful in some instances.

That said, we cannot confidently tell you to use UPass.

It comes down to the trust factor. They are smaller companies and the laboratories are quick to find ways to make their product useless.

Watch Out For Counterfeit Products

As mentioned previously, it’s important that you find a trusted online store when you pull the trigger on fake pee. Quick Fix is a popular product, and many have tried to sell counterfeits. There are only a few trusted stores out there.

If you’re going to buy fake pee online, then we strongly recommend you go with QuickFixSynthetic.com. They’ve been in the game for years and deliver the real Quick Fix to their customers.

Fake Urine Frustrations

The best place to buy fake urine is, and always will be, online. But if you don’t know what you’re doing your head might explode with the amount of conflicting reports.

Forum “A” says product “X” works. Then you find the next forum post that discredits the first thread. Talk about frustrating.

That confusion and frustration you feel is the very reason we created this page: Our goal is to make synthetic urine as straightforward as possible. We want you to pass. Period.

Doing Your Own Research

image of someone using synthetic urineTruth be told, we’ve spent over 100 hours reading blogs and forums that talk about synthetic piss. We’ve put in the time and understand the game better than most folks out there. That said, we highly recommend that you conduct your own research.

Here’s what we recommend:

1 – Check out all the different blogs talking about artificial urine. After a quick search, we were able to find many blogs talking about fake urine. Synthetic Insider is the best one we’ve found. It covers the topic extensively.

2 – Forums are awesome. Seriously, there is no better place than an active forum. Try searching in Google with “your keyword” + “forum”. That will help bring back forum results.

Other Options

Fake pee isn’t the only way to get around a urine screening. If you’re a light user, then we a detox product may work well for you.

It’s important to understand that detox drinks have been marketed incorrectly over the years. You may be familiar with YouTube videos that promise you’ll pass.

The truth is, it’s not that simple. They work great, but only if you’re the right candidate to use them. If you’re a chronic user, then they will do you no good.

If you’re a light or infrequent user, then a detox drink will definitely help push you in the right direction. It’s speed up things, but not as fast as we’d all like.

Click here to read about our top rated detox drinks.

Forums Are Great

Read up on synthetic urine from recent forum threads. Finding quality posts (that are recent) can prove challenging, but the information is worth the effort. It is also coming from people that are taking the tests, which is the only the way to know if it’s truly working.

Some forums we recommend:

-Forum Grasscity

Another Great Forum

Note: this article is in regards to a urine test. If you’re curious about a hair test then click here.


The world of synthetic urine is constantly changing. To stay ahead, you need to be savvy and use the Internet to your advantage. As of the time of writing, Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is the top rated fake pee on the market.

But, be sure to keep tabs as it can change overnight with one laboratory update.

Good luck!

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