Complete Guide To The Mouth Swab Test – How To Pass

image of a guy getting ready to take a saliva testMany bad things can be detected in a mouth swab test. This test is also known as saliva test or oral fluid based test. The test is often preferred over urine test because it is cheaper, simpler and can be conducted anywhere anytime. It has also been observed that results from a mouth swab test are very accurate and instant. Consequently, the test is increasingly replacing urine test when it comes to testing pre employment screenings.

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How a Mouth Swab Test Is Done

The test uses a toothbrush-like swab. It is applied in a similar fashion as you would a toothbrush. It is inserted between the lower cheek and gum for 2 minutes. This action is meant to collect saliva for testing purposes. It takes a couple of minutes to read results from the swab sample.

People can also get around a mouth swab test if they know in advance that they will be subjected to it.

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The Blind Side of a Swab Test

Research has established that the swab test may miss the presence of some bad things if there has been a substantial time lapse between usage and the test.

When is A Swab Test Conducted?

The most common application of a mouth swab test is in employment scenes. Employers often run spit tests on their employees to check whether the employee is abusing things that won’t be named, especially while working. It is also commonly used before hiring new staffs, or even when an employer suspects that a particular employee is committing mistakes because they do questionable things while off the clock.


The sports arena is one of the areas that have stirred popular usage of this test. Owing to the ever increasing nature of sports competitions, especially athletics events, people have sought alternative ways to beat their counterparts. Performance enhancing substances have been in popular usage among athletes, despite their being outlawed by nearly all sports authorities. Sports organisers have resorted to using the saliva test to check unfair competition in various sports events. Similarly, designers of mouthwash products meant to help such athletes have upped their game and continue to evolve ways to assist abusers escape the wrath of the mouth swab test.

The Strengths of the Saliva Screening

The most significant advantage of a mouth swab test over other tests is the way it can be rune run at random. In other words, abusers can be caught unawares. Humans being innovative can still get around this unique characteristic of the test. If someone kept a mouth cleansing product handy at all times, they could quickly clean out and pass the test, or even confuse the test results.

One of the popular mouthwash products that have been rumored to be used in this manner is Ultra Klean Saliva Cleansing. The retailers advertise it with a 500% money-back guarantee. There are several such products on the open market. Most of the instant mouth saliva/ mouth cleansing products remain active for 1 hour or longer.

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