Cleansing Your Body – 5 Simple Detox Solutions

Detox (or detoxification) refers to the process of removing toxins that have built up in the body over a period. These toxins are often responsible for people feeling sluggish, tired and having a general lack of energy but can also lead to more serious long-term health conditions.

In addition the the negative way toxins can make you feel, many people choose to detox when faced with a urine screening. Whatever your reason, it’s crucial to find a method that works best for you.

Here are five natural ways to flush away harmful toxins that are easy to use:

image of drinking water to detox the body of toxins1. Water

Water is the most efficient way to clear away toxins and help your body dispose of waste materials. On average, an adult should drink 2 liters of water a day to ensure proper hydration and maintain waste removal. During a detoxification process, water intake can be increased to nearly double that amount. It is also advisable to drink hot or warm water rather than cold while detoxing.

Overweight or obese people may need to increase their water intake even more.

2. Meal Replacement

Limiting the amount of whole foods that are consumed during a detox is essential for effective results. This minimizes the amount of waste that your body needs to get rid of and allows it to act on existing toxins.

Replacing meals with raw fruit and vegetable drinks will provide you with energy during the program and assist the detox process. Don’t purchase juices off the shelf and rather make them fresh for optimal results. These juices are particularly effective at removing carcinogens (cancer producing materials).

3. Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have been used for centuries to cleanse the body inside and out. While Epsom Salts can be taking orally (diluted in warm water), a salt bath can be just as effective at removing excess metals (such as magnesium or iron) from the cells and the body.

image of green tea for detoxing4. Green Tea

Chinese medicine has been using green tea to treat a multitude of ailments for thousands of years. Drinking at least one cup a day can help maintain lowered toxicity levels in the body. During detoxification, green tea is recommended at least three times a day. The tea contains antioxidants.

5. The Fast Track

Fasting refers to not eating anything for at least two days in succession. This is a great way to start a detox program. However, this does not mean that nothing should pass the lips as some fasting plans recommend. Water intake should be sustained, and natural fruit, and vegetable juices can be used to stave off hunger and maintain energy levels.

Always remember that a detox plan is a short-term solution to remove toxins from the body, right down to a cellular level. Sustained or prolonged detox dieting can be harmful to your general health. In general, a detox program should not last more than seven days.

You will know that your detox program is working if:

  • Your perspiration (sweat) starts to smell.
  • Your urine is a strange color and has a distinct odor.
  • You feel a rise in energy levels once you have completed the process.


Detoxification and the different remedies for detox are not suitable for all types of people. In some cases, detox can do more harm than good, and it is advisable to consult a doctor, especially if you suffer from any illness. It is particularly important to ask your doctor first if you suffer from any form of Cardiovascular disease (heart illness and high blood pressure).

If you have an upcoming urine screening (possibly a pre-employment test) then we recommend you first try one of the detox methods. Of course, your success depends on a number of factors. If you believe you will fail, then synthetic urine is your only realistic option.

On the other hand, detox can be very helpful in fighting and eliminating a range of other illnesses. This is specifically true for conditions that affect digestion and the gastrointestinal tract. Joint and muscular disorders can also benefit from a detox program and an overall change in diet.

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